Our commitment to privacy

Your privacy is very important to us and the protection of your personal information as disclosed by you while booking the rest house or holiday home is ensured.

The personal information filled by you in "Requisition for Booking" is used by WCR Booking staff only.

We do not use or distibute any personal information submitted by you during the booking to any person or any organization.

The following information is collected by you through this website and app while booking the rest house/holiday home.
1. Name of the officer
2. Mobile Number
3. Designation
4. Email ID
5. Rest house to book
6. Check-in date and time
7. Check-out date and time
The information provided by you is stored in WCR database and is accessible to the WCR employees only using login credentials.
No outsider can access the data or information provided while filling the Rest house booking form using Website or Mobile App.

This policy will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of High Court of Jabalpur.